AREVA receives an award for its diversity policy

Press release

AREVA has been awarded a national label for its commitments and actions to promote diversity and equal opportunities. The group received the AFNOR* Label Diversité after the standardization association’s in-depth analyses and audits of typical AREVA entities in France.

The label was given in recognition of the group’s widespread initiative and good practices in combating all forms of discrimination. AREVA uses the national Label Diversité reference base to enhance its labor policy and create four concrete lines of development:

  • Jobs for the disabled
  • Gender mix and equality
  • Social, ethnic and cultural diversity
  • Age diversity and jobs for seniors

The different aspects of diversity are steered by AREVA’s Diversity and Equal Opportunities Department, created in early 2010 to give strength and structure to the group’s actions. AREVA’s approach is focused on dialog at every level of the organization, between employees, management, labor groups and senior executives. In 2009, over 50,000 of AREVA’s European employees were made aware of the challenges surrounding equal opportunities.

The promotion of diversity in every area of activity has been one of AREVA’s principal commitments since 2006, and the group requests the ongoing participation of every man and woman.

* Standardization association for diversity, societal responsibility, the environment and sustainable development. The Label Diversité is awarded by a diversity labeling committee to reward human resources management and development.

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