AREVA recycling plants demonstrate their excellence

Press release

On March 23, in Kyoto, Japan, the AREVA La Hague recycling plant received the JIPM "Award for TPM Excellence – Category A" from the Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance. This internationally recognized prize is awarded to companies from different sectors of industry (automotive, food processing, packaging, materials, petroleum, energy, etc.) in recognition of their commitment to an approach known as Total Productive Management (TPM). In recent times, only two nuclear sites worldwide have been awarded this label for operational excellence: the Melox plant (France) in 2014 and now the plant at La Hague.

TPM is an approach founded on compliance with standards, accountability, teamwork and the presence of managers in the field. More specifically, it seeks to reduce the number of tasks that offer no added value to the customer, as well as to improve the efficiency of production and functional services.

Pascal Aubret, Senior Executive Vice President of the Recycling BU and Director of the La Hague site, declared: "Our commitment has been recognized according to one of the most demanding benchmarks in the world. This is a reason for great pride for me and all our teams. We shall continue to follow the same path that has enabled our plants to set such a benchmark in terms of operational excellence, whilst maintaining the highest safety standards."