AREVA Signs a Series of Agreements with the CEA for the Marcoule Site for the 2016-2020 Period

Press Release

AREVA has concluded a series of agreements with the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) for the management of nuclear facilities being dismantled at Marcoule and for assistance with onsite work covering the period 2016 to 2020. These services represent approximately 370 million euros in revenue.

As the former nuclear operator at the Marcoule site and the CEA's leading partner for dismantling services, AREVA has been engaged since 2006 in major cleanup activities at local facilities as well as in facility operation services. These contracts covering 2016-2020 mark the renewal of this cooperation. These contracts concern primarily industrial operator services on behalf of the CEA, treatment of site effluents, recovery and reconditioning of legacy waste, and support for the CEA’s suppliers at facilities undergoing dismantling.

The volume of activity generated by these contracts provides AREVA with medium-term visibility for work at this site and creates an opportunity to strength the company’s Dismantling & Services teams locally. Around fifty positions associated with these contracts (engineering, site work activities, installation operations, etc.) will be created in order to meet the CEA’s needs.

Guillaume Dureau, Director of AREVA’s Back End Business Group, said: “Our continued collaboration with the CEA at Marcoule offers a sound basis for developing our expertise in dismantling. A hotbed of innovation in the sector, the CEA’s center at Marcoule hosts some of Europe's largest dismantling projects, those for which AREVA will remain fully mobilized.”