AREVA Solar’s Kimberlina Power Plant awarded POWER Magazine’s ‘Top Plant’


AREVA Solar today announced that POWER Magazine, considered the definitive information source for the power generation market, named the company’s Kimberlina Solar Thermal Energy Station as one of the magazine’s Renewable Top Plants for 2011. AREVA Solar was honored at the annual ELECTRIC POWER Conference that took place mid-May in Baltimore, Maryland (USA).

The 5 megawatt (MW) Kimberlina concentrated solar power (CSP) plant, which is located in Bakersfield, California (USA), went online in 2009 with its first three Compact Linear Fresnel Reflector (CLFR) solar steam generators.

In 2010, AREVA Solar constructed, commissioned and began operating its fourth solar steam generator, which is the first CLFR solar steam generator to produce direct, superheated steam. POWER Magazine recognized Kimberlina as the first to use compact linear Fresnel reflector technology developed to generate continuous superheated steam, a key element for higher-efficiency power generation and integration with new and existing plants. The facility’s innovative technology helps deliver power even during periods of transient cloud cover.

“The Kimberlina plant is a milestone for AREVA and a turning point for the CSP industry,” said Bill Gallo, CEO of AREVA Solar. “We thank POWER Magazine for their recognition and look forward to continuing to serve our global power customer base with our cost-effective, reliable CLFR technology.”

AREVA Solar designs, manufactures and installs solar steam generators for its global power generation and industrial customers in a dependable, competitive and environmentally responsible manner. AREVA’s cost-effective CLFR solar thermal technology is water-conservative and the most land-efficient renewable energy technology available. AREVA Solar has operations in the United States, France, South Africa, Australia and India.

In total, AREVA Solar currently has more than 500 MW of CSP projects in operation, under construction or in advanced development around the world, making AREVA one of the fastest-growing CSP technology providers.