AREVA Solidarity 2012: cultural and educational projects for children

News brief
"A beautiful Me", Cool Girls event

Among the cultural and educational projects selected as part of the AREVA Solidarity 2012 internal call for projects, several were proposed by North American employees who volunteer with an association.

Though the approaches are different, all of projects are aimed at supporting the development of children from disadvantaged backgrounds through: 

  • purchase of equipment for workshops to learn how to play chess for young people aged 6 to 12, in order to stimulate their ability to think analytically - Washington Elementary Chess Champions association (Richland, Washington, USA);
  • after-school workshops for girls in several disciplines – science, technology, engineering, mathematics, etc. – to give them self-confidence and the ability to rely on themselves - Cool Girls association (Alpharetta, Georgia, USA); 
  • workshops in the school to give young people good eating and sports habits in preparation for their participation in the Saskatoon marathon - Saskatoon Road Runners association (Canada).