AREVA SOLIDARITY 2012: Solidarity projects of 18 employees selected by the AREVA Foundation

News brief

Meeting in Paris on December 13, 2012, the board of the AREVA Foundation selected 18 projects from 42 applications submitted for AREVA SOLIDARITY 2012. The projects are sponsored by employees of the group in France, North America and Germany who serve as volunteers in non-profit organizations.

The 18 projects selected advance the Foundation’s objectives in the fields of education, health and culture and favor underprivileged children: they include academic support, school building and renovation, encouraging scientific, technical and industrial learning, support for physically disabled youth, increased access for isolated populations, housing renovation and encouragement of musical and theatrical training.

The donation of the AREVA Foundation this year totals €150,000, which will be distributed among the winners. It will finance various projects in France, Germany, and the United States, as well as in Canada, Finland, India and Niger.

Project selection and follow-up

Of the 18 winning projects, ten are supported by employees in North America, six in France and two in Germany. The selection takes into account the number of applications submitted by country with a geographic distribution that favors proximity to AREVA sites.

The 18 projects were chosen in November following a multiple-step process that includes selection at the regional level (France, Germany and North America), group level, and a final round by the Foundation’s board of directors.

After contracts have been concluded between AREVA Foundation and the non-profit organizations represented by the winners, who are employees of the group, a detailed description for each winning project will be distributed in the coming weeks.