AREVA, member of the Strategic Committee of Nuclear Industry, supports the nuclear company modernization fund


Tuesday, January, 29, the third plenary meeting of the Strategic Committee of Nuclear Industry (CSFN, Comité stratégique de la filière nucléaire) was held in Montbard, France. Luc Oursel presented the findings of certain working groups, which anticipate among other things, the creation of 110,000 jobs in the nuclear industry by the end of 2020, to Arnaud Montebourg, Minister of Industrial Renewal, and Delphine Batho, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy.

Chaired by two ministers and with EDF CEO Henri Proglio serving as Vice Chairman, the CSFN met yesterday with key representatives from throughout the nuclear industry to strengthen their partnerships and plan for the industry's future.

The working groups were constituted to represent all nuclear industry players and bring together decision-makers, subcontractors, representatives of the ministries and the national education system, regional and professional organizations as well as labor partners.

AREVA teams have been actively participating in the six CSFN working groups* since May 2011 and contributed to the development of the detailed reports presented yesterday to the ministers. The analyses and findings will serve to light the way for the government’s strategy and the major outlines of its energy policy for the future.

The third plenary meeting of the CSFN was also an opportunity to acknowledge the creation of the nuclear company modernization fund (FMEN, fonds pour la modernisation des entreprises nucléaires). This new industry fund, backed by 133 million euros, will acquire shares in promising small and medium-sized companies in the nuclear sector to support their development. It will be funded in part by the Strategic Investment Fund (FSI, Fonds stratégique d’investissement) and by key players in the nuclear industry, including AREVA, EDF and Alstom.