AREVA to launch demonstration in a commercial reactor of fuel cladding materials with enhanced resistance to extreme situations

Press release

AREVA is strongly engaged in various fuel programs related to enhanced resistance to extreme situations (Enhanced Accident Tolerant Fuel or EATF) in several countries, including France, the U.S. and now Switzerland.

AREVA has just signed a new pluri-annual Research and Development agreement on nuclear fuels with Swiss nuclear plant operator, Gösgen, as part of continuing, long-lasting and fruitful cooperation. This agreement will notably help achieve a key step forward in the development of commercial fuels more tolerant to accidents.

Beginning 2016, AREVA will supply test rods containing innovative cladding materials. Developed by the CEA1 in partnership with AREVA and EDF, these materials will be regularly examined in PSI’s2 and CEA’s hot cells. Based on the confirmation of expected gains, the best solutions will be commercialized as of 2020.

“AREVA is proud to contribute with its partners to the development of ever-safer fuels and to support the first loading of lead EATF cladding materials in a commercial reactor, in real pressurized water reactor conditions”, said Dr. Alain Frichet, Vice President of AREVA’s Fuel Products and Technologies Business Line.

1 Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (
2 Paul Scherrer Institut (