AREVA to provide additional modernization services for Gösgen Facility in Switzerland

Press Release

AREVA has been selected by the Kernkraft Gösgen-Däniken AG to carry out two new projects for the Gösgen nuclear power plant in Switzerland. For the first project, AREVA will expand the used fuel assembly wet storage facility which was built by the group. Secondly, AREVA will modernize the electrical and instrumentation and control (I&C) systems of the emergency diesel generators.

AREVA will double the capacity of the existing interim wet storage solution to hold more than 1,000 fuel assemblies and provide Gösgen with greater flexibility for used fuel management. The pool will rely on a passive cooling technology developed by AREVA as part of its Safety Alliance offer which is dedicated to the optimization of nuclear reactor safety. 

The modernization of the electrical and I&C systems of the plant’s four emergency diesel generators will also include the installation of the digital TELEPERM® XS I&C technology developed by AREVA. This technology has already been retrofitted to the turbine I&C.

The Gösgen nuclear power plant currently meets approximately 13 percent of Swiss electric power needs.

Trade Press Relations
Trade Press Relations