AREVA to Supply Nuclear Fuel for a Jordanian Research Reactor

Press release

AREVA has just signed a contract with the Korean KAERI/DAEWOO consortium to supply fuel elements for the JRTR (Jordan Research and Training Reactor) currently being built in Jordan.

The agreement concerns the supply of nuclear fuel for the first reactor core and for a reload batch. Delivery of the fuel elements is scheduled for the beginning of 2015.

Construction of the JRTR research reactor by the KAERI/DAEWOO consortium is an essential step for Jordan in acquiring the capabilities required for nuclear R&D and producing nuclear power. AREVA is proud to be a part of this project together with the Korean consortium, who is one of the research reactor suppliers, and stands ready to offer its experience regarding construction of a power reactor in Jordan, for which the selection of a supplier is now in progress.

Benoît Bazire, Senior Vice President of the Propulsion and Research Reactors BU, stated: “Following the signature in 2011 of contracts for supplying DAEWOO with low enriched uranium and for delivering prototype fuels to the KAERI/DAEWOO consortium, this success confirms the quality of the collaboration between AREVA and its Korean partners in the sector of nuclear fuel for research reactors.”

The thermal power of the JRTR will be 5 MW, which can be extended to 10 MW in the future. It will be used for neutron beam research, neutron irradiation services such as medical radioisotope production, and training of Jordanian engineers and scientists.


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