AREVA, track and field partner: 2010 in review and outlook for 2011

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Committed to the world of track and field since 2009, the group looks back on a very favorable year.

The enthusiasm that motivated our commitment to track and field never stops growing: in our group. Our involvement with the sport is clearly helping to build pride of belonging among our 48,000 colleagues. Externally, our brand has succeeded in getting closer to its public by weaving friendlier ties,” says Jacques-Emmanuel Saulnier, Senior VP of Communications and spokesman for the AREVA group.

According to a survey by TNS Sofres in July 2010, 36% of all French people say that the group’s involvement in the sport gives them a better opinion of AREVA, while 42% of them clearly identify Meeting AREVA with the brand. AREVA’s personality won points in humanity (+16), sincerity (+14) and energy (+7).

Internally, the Occurrence study carried out in September 2010 shows that 84% of the employees believe that AREVA’s investment in track and field inside within the group.

Meeting AREVA 2010 was one of the biggest successes yet, rising to the third-ranked event in the Diamond League. It offered an international stage to athletes and a very high level event to
40,000 spectators, as well as a special “All at the Meeting AREVA!” event that opened the stadium doors to 5,000 young people from underprivileged neighborhoods. The label is gradually compelling recognition by the general public: 51% (versus 41% in 2009) identify AREVA as the sponsor

These strong results encourage AREVA to continue on the same track in 2011:

  • The group is a national sponsor of the European Athletics Indoor Championships at Paris Bercy, March 4 to 6, 2011, and brings a complete program of events and promotions to employees and the public at large.
  • AREVA sponsored the film by Régis Wargnier, “La ligne droite” [“The straight line”], set for release March 9, 2011. The final scene of this feature film was filmed live during Meeting AREVA 2010.
  • In 2011, MEETING AREVA will take place July 8 in the Stade de France. This is a showcase for the best in world track and field and the high point of our program. For the third consecutive year, Usain Bolt will be there to line up for the 200 meter event.
  • All year long, AREVA will be present at the French Championships as well as by the side of the French Team during international competitions and on the web with its dedicated platform,
AREVA, track and field partner
AREVA, track and field partner

Energy and enthusiasm – two good reasons for AREVA to sponsor track and field. The group has rolled out a comprehensive program of sponsorships aimed at federating and mobilizing its employees and increasing its appeal to a broader public, which will run through 2012. Track and field is about excellence but also about people; it is a sport that everyone can practice and where everyone has potential.

AREVA's sponsorship program revolves around MEETING AREVA, the annual event that is the summit of its overall involvement, as well as the French Athletics Federation and the French Team. The group also provides support to ambassador athletes and off-track events open to amateur athletes.

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