AREVA Upgrades Reactor Coolant Pumps at Surry Power Station

Press release

AREVA NP recently completed reactor coolant pump refurbishments at Dominion’s Surry Power Station in southeastern Virginia. For this project, the company successfully renovated and qualified four pumps, including two from the closed Kewaunee Power Station in Wisconsin.

Teams from AREVA replaced the shafts, impellers, couplings, bearings and the pumps’ turning vane bolts.

To facilitate the project’s timely completion, AREVA NP mobilized its teams in Jeumont, France, and Lynchburg, Va., to design and to fabricate new safety-qualified stainless steel turning vane bolts on an expedited basis. This project also demonstrated AREVA NP’s expertise in providing solutions for reactor coolant pump maintenance and component manufacturing.

“In addition to offering utilities competitive solutions, ensuring equipment reliability is important for the safe, long-term operations of nuclear power plants,” said George Beam, senior vice president of Installed Base Services at AREVA. “Through the refurbishment and delivery of these reactor coolant pumps, we helped fulfill Dominion’s commitment to high performance standards and continued safe operations at Surry.”