AREVA’s Passive Shutdown Seal Proven Reliable in Reactor Loss-of-power Test

Press release

AREVA’s passive shutdown seal (PSDS) for reactor coolant pumps successfully passed actuation testing after one operation cycle in a nuclear reactor. This testing confirmed the seal’s ability to control leaks for an extended period in the event that the facility loses external power.

Other tests had previously verified that AREVA’s PSDS withstood at temperatures and pressures representative of facility blackout conditions for more than one week. This additional demonstration of enhanced operational reliability and safety complies with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s post-Fukushima recommendations.

“Our PSDS is a reliable, easy-to-install solution that helps reinforce plant safety,” said George Beam, senior vice president of Installed Base Services at AREVA Inc. “Successfully passing this rigorous test the first time without any design adjustments demonstrates our dedication to supplying our customers with high-quality products that continue to meet their standards for operational excellence.”

The PSDS tested had been operating since April 2014 in the South Texas Project (STP) Electric Generating Station’s Unit 1 reactor.

This product is part of AREVA’s Safety Alliance program, which offers nuclear operators worldwide the most advanced products and services to ensure the safety of their plants. Following the completion of this actuation test, AREVA is now supplying additional PSDSs to STP for installation during scheduled maintenance.