Arrival of the radioactive sources shipment in the US

Press release

The shipment of radioactive sources of American origin, which had left France at the end of June, has arrived to its final destination, the Los Alamos National Laboratory on July 22.

The Atlantic Osprey ship, which performed the sea link, left Cherbourg port on June 28, 2011. She tied up July 18, in the port of Savannah in Georgia (US).

She transported on board radioactive sources of American origin which have been used for research purpose by CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission) and IRSN (French Radioprotection and Nuclear Safety Institute). These sources have been then delivered to the Los Alamos National Laboratory (one of the DOE (Department of Energy) nuclear sites) on July 22.

The Atlantic Osprey, specially equipped to transport nuclear goods, is in accordance with the IMO* INF2 standards, which imposes specific measures and safety devices according to the transported materials, in particular nuclear ones.

 *International Maritime Organization