Back end BG: Plane Crash Simulation on the TN NOVA mock-up


On November 24 and 25, 2010, within the scope of the TN NOVATM project signed with AXPO in 2009 for the Leibstadt plant, plane crash simulation was successfully performed on a 1:3 scale mock-up. This demanding test is required by the Swiss Nuclear Safety Authority.

The test took place at the specialized CEA testing center near Bordeaux, France. The TN NOVATM mock-up used for the test was manufactured by MECAGEST.

A leaktightness test – mandatory for the test validation - had excellent results. Both tests were witnessed by AXPO, our customer, and ENSI/SVTI, the Swiss Nuclear Safety Authority representatives.

The test stage of the TN NOVATM system, jointly designed by TNI & TN Inc. was a major step for the contract to continue, enabling the project team to finalize the SAR submittal before pursing the manufacturing process.
TNI’s objective is to deliver the first TN NOVATM system by end of 2013.