Bondholders approve the proposed partial transfer of assets from AREVA SA to NewCo

Press release

Holders of listed bonds issued by AREVA SA maturing from 2017 to 2024 were convened in general meetings on September 19, 2016. They approved all of the resolutions submitted to them for a vote.

In particular, the general meetings of each bond issue approved the proposed partial transfer of the assets related to nuclear fuel cycle operations, from AREVA SA to NewCo, and the simultaneous transfer of the bond debt (see press release of August 30, 2016).

The request for consent of the sole holder of the 2018 bond denominated in yen is in progress, in accordance with the schedule, and is the subject of a bilateral process.

The group continues to implement its strategic roadmap by carrying out the necessary stages to hold the AREVA SA Extraordinary General Meeting, scheduled for November 3.