Bpifrance to support AREVA Med and its partners in developing new lead-212 treatments for cancer

Press release

AREVA Med, the medical subsidiary of AREVA, and its partners will benefit from the support of Bpifrance in their CARAT Project (Consortium for alpha radiotherapy applications). With a total budget of 19.7 million euros, this project will receive 9.6 million euros in financing under the French future investment program managed by the Commissariat Général à l’Investissement (CGI - French General Investment Commission).

Classified as a decisive research and development project for competitiveness (PSPC), CARAT aims to develop a French sector for the production of lead-212 and for treatments which use this rare metal to treat cancers that currently have limited therapeutic options.

Coordinated by AREVA Med, CARAT unites the companies EVEON and Triskem International, the Limoges university hospital, the CRIBL* laboratory at Limoges university and Subatech.

Patrick Bourdet, president and CEO of AREVA Med, said: “This demonstrates the confidence of the French Government along with that of our partners, with whom we share great ambitions for the development of powerful, targeted radiopharmaceuticals to combat certain particularly aggressive forms of cancer.”

The CARAT Project has also been recognized by the Lyonbiopôle and Atlanpole Biothérapies competitiveness clusters.

*Control of the B Cell Immune Response and Lymphoproliferations