Brazil: AREVA wins a major contract for the completion of the third nuclear reactor at the Angra site

Press Release

AREVA has signed a contract worth 1.25 billion euros with the Brazilian electrician Eletrobras Eletronuclear for the completion of the construction for the Angra 3 reactor, located in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

AREVA will supply engineering services and components, as well as the digital instrumentation & control system for the reactor. The group will also provide assistance in the supervision of the installation works and the commissioning activities. This contract, which attests to AREVA’s expertise in reactor construction, design, and fabrication of nuclear equipment and instrumentation & control systems, corresponds to the 103 reactor built by the group in the world.

“AREVA is proud to have been selected to complete the construction of the third Brazilian nuclear reactor and to continue its collaboration with Eletrobras Eletronuclear that began with the construction and the supply of reactor services to the Angra  2 reactor*. The completion of Angra 3 confirms Brazil’s engagement in an ambitious nuclear program and illustrates the relevance of this energy source as a solution for sustainable economic development,” said Luc Oursel, president and CEO of AREVA.

The Angra 3 design integrates the latest improvements made to reactors currently in operation, especially in terms of safety, and responds to the guidelines of the IAEA and the Brazilian nuclear safety authority’s post-Fukushima standards.

*Located at the Angra site are two pressurized water reactors: Angra 1, with an output of 640 MWe, connected to the grid in 1985 and Angra 2, with an output of 1,350 MWe, connected to the grid in 2001. The project to construct Angra 3, a 1,405 MWe pressurized water reactor, was restarted by the Brazilian government in 2006 to meet the country’s growing energy need and balance the energy mix.

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