Bulgaria: AREVA and BEH sign cooperation agreement in the field of nuclear power and renewable energy

Press release

AREVA and the Bulgarian Energy Holding Company* have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop clean energy projects in Bulgaria based on the group’s low-carbon technologies. As a long time partner of the country, AREVA intends to extend its contribution to Bulgaria’s civil nuclear program and assist in developing local renewable energy sources such as biomass and wind.

The MOU provides for potential cooperation in new nuclear projects on the Kozlodui and Belene sites. It also covers the elaboration of fuel management policies and solutions including spent fuel recycling as well as cooperation in the field of nuclear safety and related standards. The parties intend to study cooperation in the development of scientific and technical potential regarding civil nuclear safety, including educational and training activities for improving the qualification of nuclear experts and exchange of experience. AREVA offers a portfolio of Generation III nuclear reactors that guaranty the highest safety levels.

Anne LAUVERGEON declared: "By strengthening AREVA’s cooperation with Bulgaria and offering nuclear and renewable energy solutions, we aim at supporting the country’s policy for a safe, economically sustainable and CO2-free energy mix." 

Prime Minister BORISSOV who attended the signing ceremony declared: "AREVA is the European leading provider of CO2-free energy solutions and I am confident this partnership will contribute to boosting our civil nuclear program while developing our renewable energy potential."

AREVA has been working in Bulgaria for over a decade where it participated in the major modernization project for the Kozlodui 5 and 6 nuclear units and also more recently in preliminary contracts for the Belene nuclear site completion.

* The Bulgarian Energy Holding Company is engaged in the sale, management, distribution, and purchase of electricity. It owns NEK, the Bulgarian utility and the Kozlodui nuclear sites.


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