CEZUS Jarrie meets its external stakeholders

Press release

It is important to build relationships of trust with local stakeholders to ensure we become an integral part of the community over the long term and to work in a calm and constructive frame of mind with the various players concerned: NGOs, think tanks, associations, elected officials, local people, governments, journalists, communities, etc.

It was for these reasons that a meeting with the Jarrie site's external stakeholders was held once again this year.

This meeting, chaired by the Director of CEZUS Jarrie, Thierry Gillot, took place on 8 November and focused on five main areas:

1) 2011 safety record.

2) The technical measures implemented as part of the initiative to reduce water consumption.

3) The technical measures implemented as part of the Technological risks prevention plan (chlorine line).

4) The shutdown of the distillation column (organisation implemented during shutdown, 5S, management of the effects on business).

5) The Early retirement of asbestos workers scheme and how the transfer of skills is being organised.

Following the presentation of these items, there was a question and answer session between the speakers and the stakeholders regarding the nuclear situation, AREVA and the site's activities.