China: AREVA organizes the second edition of its Innovation Seminar

Press Release

AREVA brought together in Sanya, in the Hainan Province (South East of China), more than forty Chinese customers for a seminar dedicated to services innovation to nuclear power plants.

During the seminar, AREVA presented its most recent innovations which included: its “Safety Alliance” program, dedicated to solutions that increase safety; its “Forward Alliance” program, which provides solutions for the extension of nuclear power plant operations; and other AREVA solutions enabling significant operational costs reduction.

Following the presentations, a number of discussions were held on key topics through:
- a series of round tables to share best practices in nuclear power plant services.
- workshops, during which Chinese nuclear operators worked alongside AREVA experts to develop future innovative solutions for the nuclear services market in China.

This seminar was the opportunity for AREVA to confirm its commitment to bringing to the Chinese industry the fruits of decades of experience on existing nuclear power plants across the world with the supply of high added value services.

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Press Contacts

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