China: AREVA to supply Emergency Diesel Generators to Tianwan Nuclear Power Station


The AREVA-led consortium with Motor and Turbine Union (MTU) and Shanxi North MTU Diesel Co. (SNMD) signed a contract with China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Chinese power plant operator Jiangsu Nuclear Power Corporation (JNPC) to supply Emergency Diesel Generators for unit 3 and 4 of Tianwan nuclear power station.

According to the contract, the consortium will supply eight Emergency Diesel Generators together with the associated safety and non-safety instrumentation and control (I&C) systems as well as electrical systems of generators and switchgears. AREVA will additionally provide training to the operating personnel, monitor the generators’ installation and oversee commissioning. Thus, AREVA plays an important role in all technical interfaces of the project.

As a part of AREVA’s Safety Alliance offering*, AREVA’s Emergency Diesel Generator sets provide power supply to all safety-related systems in the unlikely case of loss of station power. Then, they contribute to the robustness of the reactor’s cooling capabilities. AREVA has a long track record of providing emergency diesel generator sets worldwide to various reactor types.

The contract builds on the successful cooperation between AREVA and JNPC for Tianwan’s first two units which are in smooth operation since 2007. AREVA supplied its TELEPERM®XS digital safety I&C system, Emergency Diesel generators as well as important parts of the plant’s safety infrastructure.

“We are committed to delivering best level of expertise and performance for Tianwan 3 and 4,” said Philippe Samama, Executive Vice President of AREVA’s Installed Base Business Unit. “With this new contract, JNPC demonstrates once again its confidence in our technology following the digital safety I&C contract for Tianwan 3 and 4 awarded in 2011”.

Tianwan 3 and 4 units are expected to start commercial operation in February and December 2018, respectively.


* AREVA’s global Safety Alliance program, created in 2011, assembles products and services to help utilities meet continuously increasing technical standards, and to ensure resistance to and rapid recovery from major natural hazards.

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