Closing of the disposal of AREVA TA’s Aerospace Integration Business to AIP Aerospace

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The transfer of AREVA TA’s Aerospace Integration Business activity to AIP Aerospace was completed on December 1st, 2014. This operation concludes a process of information sharing and consultation with employee representatives of the concerned entities.

Established in 2002, this business offers innovative, turnkey solutions for the design, planning and the implementation of assembly lines for major pieces of equipment for the aerospace industry.

The business, headquartered in Toulouse, France, will become part of Ascent Aerospace’s Integration and Automation Group, and will be named Ascent Integration, SAS. Accordingly, Ascent Aerospace’s U.S. based Integration business will be renamed Ascent Integration, LLC. This acquisition positions Ascent Aerospace as one of the largest global players in the growing aerospace factory and assembly line integration market.

Mr. Brian Williams, CEO of AIP Aerospace and its Ascent Aerospace business, was pleased to strike a deal stating: “The acquisition of AREVA TA’s aerospace integration assets builds on Ascent Aerospace’s growing presence as a factory and assembly line integrator. It further provides our Ascent Integration and Automation Group with a European footprint, access to a new customer base, and AREVA’s proven program management and supply chain expertise. ”

Mrs. Carolle Foissaud, CEO of AREVA TA, said: “In addition to maintaining employment in Toulouse, the AIP Aerospace industrial and labor project offer the employees involved an environment conducive to the development of their skills in a growing sector.”

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Press Contacts
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