Corporate citizenship through track and field: AREVA’s commitment

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AREVA has been committed to the world of track and field since 2009. As part of its philanthropic and humanitarian policy, and more generally of its commitment to society, the group’s investment in this sport includes two well-known programs: “Join us at Meeting AREVA” and the AthleWorldTour.

“Join us at MEETING AREVA”: 5,500 youngsters at the Stade de France

Because AREVA believes that social, ethnic and cultural diversity is a source of wealth for business, it is leading special youth-oriented programs through a variety of national partnerships.

In this spirit, AREVA will again invite 5,500 young people from disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Paris region to the Stade de France through its “Join us at MEETING AREVA” event.

The group joins the national council of local missions (Conseil national des missions locales), the youth training and integration association (Association pour la formation et l'insertion des jeunes), the Tremplin association, and the national network of businesses for equal opportunity in education (Réseau national des entreprises pour l’égalité des chances dans l’éducation nationale) in inviting the young people on July 8.

AREVA Foundation is also providing support for the program in association with the Secours Populaire Français.

In all, more than 5,500 young people from the Paris region will learn about track and field and watch the sport’s greatest stars compete in this mythical venue.

“Join us at MEETING AREVA” is a perfect illustration of track and field’s popular appeal as a universal discipline in which human performance takes center stage.

AthleWorldTour: when AREVA employees mobilize for literacy and track & field

As in 2010, AREVA’s 48,000 employees around the world have taken up the sports and humanitarian challenge through the AthleWorldTour.

The idea is to run together for the fight against illiteracy. Kilometers run by employees during a sports event, whether at one of the group’s sites or individually, are added up to achieve the goal. Anyone can participate, whether occasional runner or devoted athlete.

The goal for 2011 of 152,000 kilometers – four times the circumference of the Earth – was largely exceeded, with more than 233,000 kilometers logged by 94 AREVA sites in 15 countries.

As promised, AREVA Foundation donated 80,000 euros to associations that are fighting illiteracy around the world. The donation will fund six projects in countries in which the group is based: Canada, France, Germany, Mongolia, Namibia and the United States.

The AthleWorldTour, the high point of a dedicated internal communications program featuring many other events at the group's sites, will continue in 2012.

AREVA, track and field partner

Energy and enthusiasm – two good reasons for AREVA to sponsor track and field. The group has rolled out a comprehensive program of sponsorships aimed at federating and mobilizing its employees and increasing its appeal to a broader public, which will run through 2012. Track and field is about excellence but also about people; it is a sport that everyone can practice and where everyone has potential.

AREVA's sponsorship program revolves around MEETING AREVA, the annual event that is the summit of its overall involvement, as well as the French Athletics Federation and the French Team. The group also provides support to ambassador athletes and off-track events open to amateur athletes.

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