Delivery of Instrumentation & Control equipment to Olkiluoto 3 site

Press release

The I&C operational cabinets have been delivered to Olkiluoto 3 site. This achievement of a major milestone is one important step toward the plant’s systems testing phase. The I&C system is used to monitor and control the nuclear power plant and is a key component in reactor operations.

As a next step, the focus is on the completion of the overall I&C testing campaign on the remaining I&C safety equipment and their delivery to Olkiluoto 3 site during the coming winter.

“Thanks to the strong commitment of the OL3 teams in Finland, Germany, and France we have been able to deliver the first I&C cabinets. This installation will enable the plant’s systems commissioning to begin in the first quarter of 2016,” said Jean-Pierre Mouroux, OL3 Project Director.

"The arrival of I&C operational equipment is an important step. Now we have in Olkiluoto all the main elements to complete the construction. The main focus now is at the site works to keep the scheduled targets, " said Jouni Silvennoinen, Senior Vice President responsible for the OL3 Project at TVO.