Delivery of the 4,000th MOX fuel assembly to EDF

Press Release

AREVA has just delivered to the Gravelines nuclear power plant in the north of France the 4,000th MOX fuel assembly manufacture for its customer EDF.

MOX fuel assemblies have been produced by AREVA’s Melox plant since 1996. In total, this represents more than 13,000 tons of used fuel treated at AREVA’s La Hague plant and more than 130 tons of plutonium recycled at Melox for EDF.

In France, there are 24 reactors authorized to load MOX fuel and more than 10% of nuclear electricity is produced using this fuel today.

AREVA is the worldwide leader for the technology to recycle nuclear materials and has in France an industrial platform unique in the world with the La Hague and Melox sites. These sites manufacture the MOX fuel (Mixture of OXides of uranium and plutonium) which is a product from recycling. Together, the sites employ nearly 5,800 people and generate 1,400 induced jobs. In 2013, the purchases and investments from these two sites exceeded 650 million euros, 75 % of which was made in the local economy.