Departure of Nuclear Waste Shipment from France to Australia

Press release

The specialized vessel “BBC Shanghai” has left the Cherbourg Harbor today. It will ensure the shipment of nuclear waste to Australia on behalf of ANSTO (Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation). 

The shipment includes a dedicated transport cask that contains intermediate-level waste and also a separate container with low-level technological waste, which will be stored at a dedicated site upon arrival in Australia.

The waste has been loaded onboard the specialized transport vessel “BBC Shanghai”, which is owned by the German company BBC Chartering. The vessel meets all current statutory regulations of the international Maritime law applicable INF2 considering the nature of the transported nuclear materials.

The transportation route will pass around the Cape of Good Hope. The shipment is scheduled to arrive in Australian waters before the end of the year.

This shipment meets all current national and international regulations concerning nuclear safety. The transport containers are in compliance with international standards and are designed to ensure the protection of people and the environment under all circumstances.