Detection of anomalies during a supervisory check

Incident report

While performing a scheduled inspection, the French Nuclear Safety Authority detected anomalies in the organization and planning of checks to be performed by FBFC on vacuum cleaners.

Used in uranium powder or pellet fabrication workshops, these vacuum cleaners are subject to regular operating checks. These supervisory checks are carried out on a weekly or annual basis depending on the specific case.

During the inspection, it came to light that three checks had not been performed within the required time period. FBFC immediately carried out a check to ensure that the items of equipment concerned were working correctly. Corrective action has been taken to prevent this type of event happening again.

This anomaly had no impact on personnel or the environment.

FBFC Romans proposed a classification to the French Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) of level 1 on the INES scale, which is graduated up to 7. 

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