Dialogue and consensus building: Summary of the “diversity and equal opportunities” workshop under the aegis of Comité 21


A workshop on “diversity and equal opportunities” was held in Paris on November 7, 2011 as part of the group's consultation process. The workshop was initiated by AREVA with Comité 21* as facilitator. It brought together fifteen participants with various profiles and backgrounds – representatives of associations, trade unions, higher education, experts, and public authorities, as well as representatives of the AREVA group. The workshop provided an opportunity to address the following issues:

Gender diversity in the workplace;
The employment of people with disabilities;
Social, ethnic and cultural diversity;
Age diversity and “over-fifties” management;
Combating discrimination in all its forms.

The workshop was organized in response to the desire expressed by a majority of stakeholders at the Fourth Stakeholder Session, held in May 2010, that the group should pursue discussions on the issues of diversity and equal opportunities in greater depth.

AREVA's initiatives in these areas were welcomed by the stakeholders, with whom Comité 21 recommends forging closer ties. It also recommends that AREVA should move ahead with the lines of action initiated.

The workshop summary contains:
Stakeholders' main comments and questions;
The company's main replies;
The opinion of Comité 21.

About Comité 21
Comité 21 is a French non-profit association set up in 1994 to help France turn the commitments it made at the Rio Earth Summit into concrete actions.  Recognized as a mediator in sustainable development issues and an expert in industry and the world of associations, Comité 21 currently has more than 380 members divided into various categories: companies, local authorities, associations, public utilities and the media, personalities and ex officio members devoted to environmental protection, fair trade, education in sustainable development or international solidarity.