Dialogue with external stakeholders: AREVA releases the summary of the 4th "Stakeholder Session"

News brief

In 2010, the AREVA group continued its "Group" dialogue exercise with an international panel of international external stakeholders (approximately 15 organizations) during two half-days of discussion that took place May 19-20 in Paris.

Held every 18 months, these meetings aim at striking a better balance between the company’s sustainable development strategy and the expectations of civil society. It provides an opportunity for the company:

  • to apprise stakeholders of the actions and directions undertaken,
  • to enrich strategic reflection by actively listening to stakeholders,
  • and to update understanding of the challenges.

Comité 21, who organized the event, led discussions between the various stakeholders – mostly associations (environmental protection, North/South development, solidarity, human rights, consumer groups) – and the AREVA executives who participated. The Chairman of the Executive Board attended took full part in the discussions pro-parte.

According to Comité 21, this new dialogue was engaging and constructive. It also recognized the company’s efforts for transparency. The The stakeholders unanimously expressed the desire to continue the dialogue process.

The summary recaps the discussions and demonstrates the stakeholders’ interest in each of the themes discussed. The AREVA group intends to continue the process considering the suggestions given by Comité 21 following the exercise.