Discover the new AREVA group audio identity

In brief

The famous “Funky Town” theme served AREVA well for 10 years. At the 2013’s end, the group adopted a new audio identity to go along with its new brand signature, "AREVA, forward-looking energy".

Our audio identity, “AREVA Music”, is an original work created by Sixième Son, the world leader in this market with customers such as SNCF, Michelin, Peugeot and Française des Jeux. AREVA Music embodies our group's values, missions and vision. It expresses our employees' energy and conveys expertise, innovation and confidence in the future.

Creating a brand’s audio identity means creating its musical embodiment: the elements of melody, sounds cape and harmony that impart value to the brand and carry its message. With AREVA, the challenge was to translate the steadfastly positive and optimistic vision embodied in the new signature while incorporating its technical and industrial side against the backdrop of a changing environment,” explains Michael Boumendil, Sixième Son CEO.