Equal Opportunities: AREVA to pursue ODEO initiative in the long-term

Press release

AREVA and the European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF), with the support of the European Works Council select committee, renewed the European Agree-ment on Equal Opportunities within the AREVA group in Europe, signed in November 2006. On this occasion, the parties signed an amendment to the agreement, formalizing the ODEO (Open Dialogue through Equal Opportunities) initiative.

Developed in 2008 by AREVA and the European Works Council, with the support of the EMF, the ODEO initiative successfully upholds the commitments under-taken by the group in 2006. It has served as a vehicle to raise awareness among the group’s 40,000 European employees on non-discrimination and equal opportunities, and to encourage involvement. The ODEO approach is a key element of the policy to implement and meet AREVA’s commitments on equal opportunities.

To consolidate and sustain the actions already taken, AREVA and the EMF have undertaken to pursue three individual steps on an annual basis:

  • a self-evaluation carried out by human resources managers and personnel representatives to evaluate progress made on each site in terms of equal opportunity,
  • a follow-up of the actions comprising the annual plan,
  • an European work session with personnel representatives and the Head of Human Resources to exchange best practices.

By renewing these commitments, AREVA and the European Metalworkers’ Fed-eration once again show their determination to act in a concerted and transparent manner.

Philippe Vivien, Senior Executive Vice-President Human Resources for the AREVA group, said: "Promoting diversity and equal opportunities in the work-place has been one of the core commitments of the group since 2006. To continue to honor it, social dialogue is essential, as well as the day-to-day involvement of all women and men within the group."

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