EURIWARE, filiale d’AREVA, obtient la certification SAP Hosting

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Euriware, an AREVA group subsidiary specialized in information engineering and services*, has just received "SAP Hosting" certification for the second time, attesting to its skills in MIS outsourcing and SAP solutions hosting. It is one of the five French IT services companies recognized by the software publisher as meeting all of the quality, security and customer satisfaction requirements needed for certification.

First received in 2009, the label was renewed for two years following a detailed audit by SAP. It is a guarantee of the technical expertise of Euriware’s teams in the publisher’s solutions, of its technology resources (infrastructure and software), of its work methods based on the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and of its internal quality process.

“As a player in the SAP ecosystem since 1998, Euriware manages more than 200 complex outsourced SAP systems and works with applications accessed by more than 100,000 users. Renewal of our SAP Hosting certification is confirmation of our status as a trusted partner for all major outsourced SAP projects,” says Euriware Production Director Philippe Pujalte.

“Euriware’s SAP Hosting certification is a continuation of a very fruitful, long-term cooperation,” comments Michael Resselmann, Global Head of Outsourcing Solution Delivery and Partner Enablement with SAP AG. “Through this partnership, SAP customers will be able to draw on the competencies of Euriware to manage their hosted SAP applications and thus concentrate their activities on their core business.”

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* Euriware is an IT engineering and services company that brings innovation and expertise to help companies meet their business challenges. With specialized skills in the energy and manufacturing sectors, it assists customers in their operations and transformation projects. Euriware draws on experience in highly technical projects in complex, sensitive and mission-critical environments to ensure a very high level of service quality. A subsidiary of the AREVA group, Euriware’s 2,220 associates are organized into three businesses: Consulting, Systems Integration (business solutions, industrial and technical systems) and MIS Outsourcing.