AREVA further engages with Finnish business and industry leaders for its new-build projects


On January 17, AREVA opened its new office, on the 6th floor of bulevardi 6 in the right center of Helsinki Finland.

The inauguration speech was held by his Excellency the French Ambassador in Finland Mr. Eric Lebédel. On behalf of AREVA, Ruben Lazo, Chief Commercial Officer underlined the company's commitment to support Finland in its goal to increase its energy capacity as well as improve its independency and autonomy from other countries and therefore reinforce its strategic position.

This new Helsinki office will be fully dedicated to support AREVA customers, partners and suppliers as well as all private and public stakeholders. The newly appointed country manager, Rüdiger Leverenz, now permanently located in Helsinki and the vice country manager and head of communications Virginie Moucquot-Laiho, are running this office being at customers disposal and of course fully committed to the success of AREVA’s challenges in the country.

AREVA’s ground presence in Finland has been continuous since early 2000 for the new build projects; Olkiluoto 3 EPR™ currently under construction has reached 83% of project completion and employs approximately 3000 employees creating along the years thousands of direct and indirect jobs in Finland. However: “Its relations with the Finnish industry reach much further back, thanks to its integrated offers in the nuclear fields, with involvement in the I&C system of both Loviisa 1&2 nuclear power plants in the 70's.” pointed out Mr. Leverenz.

Ever since, AREVA has offered maintenance and back-fitting services to all Finnish nuclear power plants as well as nuclear fuel on a regular basis to Olkiluoto.

In addition to nuclear offer, a variety of high tech renewable energy solutions encompassing offshore wind farms, biomass, fuel cells and thermal solar energies are part of AREVA’s portfolio and offering range to its customers worldwide.

During the event, AREVA welcomed its customer TVO, along with Fennovoima and Fortum, as well as Finnish nuclear industry's major players' representatives and business partners, including nuclear power plants regional decision makers.

As a country with scarce natural resources that imports up to 70% of its energy, more than 27% of the electricity consumed in Finland comes from nuclear energy produced by its four reactors. In order to limit the need for fossil fuel imports and obtained even more energy independent from their neighbour countries, Finland launched a new nuclear program in 2002.

“We deeply recognize and admire Finland and the Finnish society for the ground-breaking but yet strategic and powerful decision to take a large step into the future of the industry and choosing nuclear solution and therefore supporting its renaissance in Europe” said Ruben Lazo.

On the very same day, AREVA Finland launched its new website for the country. This new AREVA Suomi website entirely in Finnish provides visitors an opportunity to learn more about AREVA’s activities and advanced EPR™ technology, as well as updates and news on AREVA’s activities in Finland. 

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