Food crisis in Niger: AREVA organizes emergency aid

News brief

AREVA has just sent provisions to the populations of the Agadez region threatened by the food emergency currently rampant in Niger. The aid, consisting of 1,100 metric tons of food products, including 680 tons of millet, 150 tons of rice and 270 tons of livestock feed, was delivered to the Agadez Food Crisis Cell in the presence of the local authorities. The products were then routed and distributed to the local populations of Arlit, Agadez, Ingal and Aderbissanat.

The operation was in response to the Nigerien government’s March 2010 appeal for aid to all of the country's partners to assist populations affected by the drought and resulting poor harvests of last season. AREVA has been a partner to Niger for nearly a half a century and immediately mobilized to provide aid.

Through this action, the group reiterates its ongoing commitment to support for and solidarity with the people of Niger.