Food crisis in Niger: AREVA renews its support

News brief

Since March 2010, Niger has been coping with a food crisis that threatens nearly 8 million people.

In April, AREVA, a partner of Niger for half a century, provided populations there with large quantities of foodstuffs – millet, rice, livestock feed – to make up for the severe shortages of basic agricultural products.

In view of the situation's gravity, AREVA is planning to supplement this earlier aid with more relief shipments.

This second phase of assistance, to be carried out in cooperation with the Niger Public Health Ministry, will include the distribution of nutritional supplements to the children in the regions of Agadez and Tahoua. Some 1,000 tons of livestock feed will also be supplied to help preserve the herds of the nomad populations.

AREVA altogether enabled the delivery of some 2,000 tons of food to help Niger face this major food crisis.