General Shareholders’ Meeting

Press release

Outcome of the General Shareholders’ Meeting

The Combined Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meeting of AREVA met in Paris today and approved the resolutions submitted to a vote by the shareholders with the exception of the twentieth resolution. In particular, the Shareholders’ Meeting:

• approved the transition from a governance structure with a Supervisory Board and an Executive Board to one with a Board of Directors, and the corresponding Articles of Association;

• approved the appointment of eight directors within a new Board of Directors with: Bernard Bigot, Sophie Boissard, Claude Imauven, Philippe Knoche, Christian Masset, Denis Morin, Pascale Sourisse and Philippe Varin. Also on the Board of Directors are Alexis Zajdenweber, State Representative, as well as Jean-Michel Lang, Odile Matte and Françoise Pieri, the directors elected by the employees;

• set the amount of the attendance fees allocated to the Board of Directors for fiscal year 2015 and the following years;

• delegated authority to the Board of Directors, as in previous meetings, to undertake various capital increases as necessary under the conditions prescribed by law, with or without preemptive subscription right.

Board of Directors

In addition, during the first meeting following the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors:

• appointed Philippe Varin as Chairman of the Board of Directors;
• appointed Philippe Knoche as Chief Executive Officer;
• decided to establish four committees to support the Board of Directors:

  • the Strategy and Investments Committee, chaired by Philippe Varin;
  • the Audit and Ethics Committee, chaired by Sophie Boissard ;
  • the Nominating and Compensation Committee, chaired by Claude Imauven ;
  • the End-of-Lifecycle Obligations Monitoring Committee, chaired by Pascale Sourisse.