Germany: AREVA announces a project to relocate activities at the Offenbach site to Erlangen and Karlstein

Press release

Following the AREVA GmbH Supervisory Board meeting today, the management will begin discussions with its social partners regarding a project to relocate the activities currently based at the Offenbach site (700 employees) to the Erlangen and Karlstein sites by mid-2016, at the latest. The objective of this project is to optimize the industrial footprint of AREVA in Germany by improving cooperation between the teams and providing structural savings. AREVA GmbH’s management will also study alternative proposals that will be presented by the social partners.

“AREVA needs to enhance its competitiveness to adjust to the changing market conditions. We are suggesting to relocate the engineering and development activities at Offenbach to our manufacturing sites and testing facilities in Erlangen and Karlstein, but we are open to proposals from employee representatives to consolidate the company’s skills in Germany. This consolidation will make sure that our sites are the right size to ensure their operational efficiency,” said Stefan vom Scheidt, Managing Director of AREVA GmbH.

The management has informed the Offenbach employees that everyone would receive a job proposal at either Erlangen or Karlstein should their work be relocated.

Discussions with employee representatives will begin shortly in order to clarify the details of the site consolidation.