Germany: RWE awards inspection for Emsland Nuclear Power Plant to AREVA

In brief

AREVA has signed a long-term contract with the utility RWE to provide inspection services during planned outages for the Emsland nuclear power plant in Germany. These inspection activities include the non-destructive examination of steam generators, reactor pressure vessel and other primary components as part of the periodic regulatory assessment.

Based on decades of experience servicing nuclear power plants, these high-precision operations are conducted on the basis of two technologies developed by AREVA: ultrasonic inspection and eddy current testing.  The inspection of the major parts of the primary circuit and the respective welding lines detects any potential irregularity at a very early stage. This proactive approach contributes to maintaining the highest level of safety for RWE’s nuclear operations.

“This contract with RWE recognizes our international expertise in inspection activities,” said Nicolas Maes, executive vice-president of AREVA’s Installed Base Business Division. “Utilizing out competencies in non-destructive examination in the nuclear field, we are also able to provide a wide range of solutions to meet the growing needs of the aerospace and railway industries.”