IBN teams perform a first of a kind inspection at Surry in record time

News brief

Surry nuclear power plantAREVA Installed base/Non-destructive testing teams successfully completed ultrasonic inspection testing (UT) of 1,088 baffle bolts of the reactor pressure vessel internals at the Surry Power Station in the US. Surry is the first Plant in the US fleet that is undergoing its 40-year license renewal.

The American and German IBN teams finished the baffle bolts exam 17 hours ahead of schedule, with a dose at record low for this kind of operation and without any incidents. SUSI (AREVA’s Submarine System for Inspection), a state-of-the-art German designed submarine, performed this first of a kind inspection.

"This successful experience will be hugely advantageous as the remaining 69 Pressurized Water Reactors of the US fleet will be coming up on their license renewals". “It is one of the many challenges and opportunities in front of us that we will have to tackle all together”, concludes Patrick Weber.

*IBN, an IB global business entity for non-destructive examination (NDE) solutions, The IBN team provides inspection services and technologies to help utilities across the globe comply with mandatory and recommended non-destructive pre-service (typically for new builds) and in-service (performed periodically after plant commission) inspections.