India: AREVA signs cooperation agreement with Jadavpur University


AREVA has established a cooperation agreement with Jadavpur University, recognized for its work in nuclear energy, which will provide support for doctoral students in the School of Nuclear Studies and Applications.

As part of the agreement, AREVA’s Research & Development department will provide financial and educational support for three doctoral students for five years.

Dr. Martha Crawford-Heitzmann, senior executive vice president for Research, Development and Innovation for AREVA, said: “We are very pleased to sign this agreement with Jadavpur University. It signals AREVA’s engagement to be a long-term partner with Indian educational institutions to help build local expertise in nuclear technologies and their safe management.”

Dr. Pradip Kumar Ghosh, the Registrar of Jadavpur University said: “Our students will benefit significantly from this agreement with AREVA, as they will have the opportunity to undertake research on strategic topics in nuclear energy while enjoying the support of a world leader in this field.”

India’s energy policy aims to build 540 GW of new power production capacity between 2013 and 2032, which includes plans to construct 60 GW of nuclear capacity.

To support this strong growth and reinforce its long-term cooperation with the country, AREVA also signed a similar agreement with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Mumbai in February 2013.

About Jadavpur University
About Jadavpur University
Jadavpur University is an internationally recognized premier state university in India located in Kolkata, West Bengal. Jadavpur University has a very strong commitment towards advanced study and research. It is dedicated to creating leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world. Its interest in the area of nuclear energy research has been taking a new shape through the School of Nuclear Studies and Applications.