Information on AREVA’s operations in Niger


AREVA vigorously denies the figure of 5,000 participants claimed by the organizers of a demonstration hostile to the group held on Saturday, October 12 in Arlit, Niger.

AREVA’s Nigerien employees counted approximately 200 participants during the gathering. Photographs taken on location are available so that the media can determine for themselves the extent of the demonstration.

As for the grievances expressed by the demonstrators, AREVA would like to reiterate the following:

The group has been present in Niger for more than 40 years and is a major economic player in that country. Five thousand people work at AREVA’s Nigerien mining sites, which contribute to local society through numerous projects for health and economic development amounting to 6 million euros annually.

The group also has an active environmental protection program in place in Niger – including rigorous monitoring of water, air, soil and food chain quality – supported by constant dialogue with all local stakeholders.

AREVA and the group’s Nigerien mining company partners comply with the strictest international standards for radiation protection, i.e. less than 1 mSv of added dose to the local public, as in France.

In addition, AREVA would like to restate for the record that 70% of the revenue generated by the operation of its uranium mines is paid to the Nigerien State through various means (dividends, taxes, etc.).

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