Information regarding Canberra

Press release

The transformation plan underway at AREVA has led the group to refocus on nuclear fuel cycle activities. In this context, AREVA has launched the disposal of its subsidiary Canberra, specialized in nuclear measurement systems and instrumentation. Canberra’s employees have been informed of this approach.

This process will continue in the coming months.

Canberra, with its headquarters located in Meriden, Conn. (United States), is a world leader in the nuclear measurement industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets equipment and systems used to detect and measure radioactivity to safeguard personnel and the public. The complete range of Canberra’s products and services includes inspection of industrial nuclear facilities, waste characterization, laboratory measurements, radioprotection and systems for surveillance and nuclear waste non-proliferation. This offer also meets large variety of challenges, from nuclear and workplace safety to monitoring industrial operations.

Canberra achieved a sales revenue of approximately 180 million euros in 2014 and includes over a thousand employees throughout the world, a quarter of whom are in France.