Jordan: ATMEA1 reactor, developed by AREVA and MHI, is fitting local needs

Press Release

JAEC (Jordan Atomic Energy Commission) has completed its evaluation to select a technology in order to build the first nuclear reactor in Jordan. JAEC has conducted, since the last two years, a methodical scrutiny of three technologies regarding nuclear power plant technology.

The evaluation has been performed with the objective of selecting the most appropriate technology fitting best Jordan needs and most appropriately ensuring the highest possible safety levels.

It concluded that ATMEA1 technology, developed by the French-Japanese team, made up of AREVA, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) and their 50/50 joint-venture ATMEA, is well fitting Jordan needs and requirements both in technical and economical terms. This decision represents a significant milestone in the technological development of ATMEA 1, a new world-class model of 1,100 MWe nuclear power reactor.

However, JAEC also decided to continue discussions, during the next phase of its evaluation, with two qualified bidders, including AREVA-MHI-ATMEA. During that phase some outstanding topics will be reviewed in more detail and specific information from selected site and from operating company will be integrated.

This is a key achievement made by JAEC in the process of providing Jordan with a competitive and stable source of energy, allowing the Kingdom to enter into a new phase of its development.

“This confirms the trust being placed in the technology of ATMEA1 design fulfills stringent Jordan’s requirements, with its highest safety level as a Generation III+ reactor, its proven technology and its superior operation performance” outlined Philippe Namy, ATMEA President.

As confirmed by the recent positive statement of the French Safety Authority ASN on the ATMEA1 safety options, ATMEA1 design integrates all necessary safety features to protect, cool and confine the reactor in all situations, meeting the most important requirements of the Jordan project and thus ensuring the highest safety to the Jordan public.

The French Japanese team is committed to working with local suppliers in Jordan and wants to build an extensive local supply chain.

The ATMEA1 reactor is a pressurized water reactor of 1,100 MWe, intended for any types of electrical networks and in particular for medium power grids. It was designed and developed by ATMEA, the 50/50 Joint Venture created in 2007 by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and AREVA. Taking support on these two parent companies, ATMEA capitalizes on their experience of about 130 nuclear power plants which are operating in the world for around 50 years, and representing approximately 3300 cumulative reactor years of operation.

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