Le Creusot quality audit: AREVA NP continues its technical analyses on one of the reactor 2 steam generators at Fessenheim

Press release

In the course of the quality audit launched by AREVA NP at its Le Creusot plant at the end of 2015, irregular findings were detected in the manufacture of the lower shell of a steam generator installed on the No. 2 reactor at the Fessenheim power plant.

In May 2016, an analysis of the internal record produced by AREVA NP established a divergence from the nuclear pressure equipment manufacturing standard, the RCC-M Code (Règles de Conception et de Construction pour les matériels mécaniques), during the manufacture of the lower shell of the steam generator. At that point AREVA NP opened a deviation report and informed the French utility EDF and the French nuclear safety authority (ASN).

AREVA NP takes note of the ASN's decision dated July 18, 2016, taken as a precautionary measure, to suspend the test certificate on the secondary part of this component.

The technical analyses conducted by AREVA NP experts have concluded, at this stage, that the irregular findings are not detrimental to operational safety. However, in order to substantiate the robustness of the case, a similar part has just been cast and forged at Le Creusot plant to validate its mechanical and chemical characteristics.

AREVA NP is continuing its analysis in order to specify appropriate measures to secure the lifting of this suspension.