Management of Greenhouse Gas Emissions –  EURIWARE committed to improve the environmental performance of ICT

News brief

According to the European Commission, information and communication technologies (ICT) account for 2% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. That percentage could rise due to the rapid growth of the ICT market, despite efforts to reduce electricity consumption.

Technological innovation not only is a source of economic growth, it also has tremendous potential to improve energy efficiency, cut down on consumption, track down waste, and in general transform lifestyles.

Mindful of its responsibilities, the professional association Syntec Informatique has created a think tank with a focus on green technologies – the idea being not just to ponder and get ICT stakeholders involved in improving the environmental footprint of information technologies, but also to actually contribute to reduce the other 98% of GHG emissions.

As an active member of Syntec Informatique, EURIWARE is heavily involved in the project, and adhered immediately to Syntec’s initiative to draw up a “Green IT” discussion paper. Prompted by its CEO Khaled Draz, who is also co-chairman of Syntec’s Sustainable Development Committee, EURIWARE is an active participant in drafting the document, notably the volume on greenhouse gas management that has just been published (in French only).

This further confirms our unswerving commitment to sustainable development, just as in October 2009 when we obtained ISO 14001 certification for our environmental management system.

With its six years of experience at applying GHG accounting and its carbon-neutrality policy, the AREVA group is one of France’s pioneers in that area, and was able to contribute its story to Volume 3.