MELOX : failure to record information during a glove box operation

Declaration of event

Chusclan, November 25, 2014

On Saturday November 22 an anomaly was discovered in a glove box* during a maintenance operation. A new piece of equipment had been introduced into the glove box that morning but the team which carried out the operation had failed to indicate that the equipment contained a lubricant. This type of product should be recorded before it is introduced into a glove box.

The anomaly was discovered when the afternoon shift arrived and the worker in charge of the equipment handling operation informed the shift supervisor right away.

An inventory revealed that the amount of lubricant in the glove box was lower than the authorized limit.

This event had no consequences for personnel or the environment.
AREVA Melox has proposed to the Safety Authority that the event be given a rating of 1 on the 7-level INES scale.


*Glove box: a leaktight compartment provided with view ports and holes to which gloves are hermetically attached. Glove boxes are used to isolate radioactive materials and protect operators.

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