Nuclear industry gathers for the 3rd “International Nuclear Recycling Day”

Press release

The AREVA group organized on June 25, the 3rd edition of the “International Nuclear Recycling Day”.

This event offers a unique platform to discuss solutions for the management of used nuclear fuel, which include recycling.

More than 150 players on the international energy scene, including scientists, manufacturers and political figures from 19 different countries, participated in this edition, which was entitled “Joining forces for Smart Used Fuel Solutions”.

The discussions enabled the countries represented, such as China, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, to present their ambitions and challenges in terms of managing used fuel and final waste. Newcomers into the nuclear sector, such as the United Arab Emirates and Poland, also shared their vision for this area.

“We must continue our work to ensure safe management of used fuel by gaining support from international cooperation. It is a major issue for the sustainable development of nuclear energy,” declared Luc Oursel, AREVA President and Chief Executive Officer.


Trade Press Relations
Trade Press Relations