Nuclear reactor safety: AREVA to supply exclusive solution to monitor nuclear reactor fluid systems

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AREVA has signed an agreement with the American engineering firm NUCCORP Inc. to be the exclusive supplier of the Nuclear Grade Air Trap (NGAT) technology to the nuclear industry.  This device passively monitors and regulates accumulated air and gas in certain nuclear plants safety systems.

The accumulation of air and gas may compromise the proper operation of these systems essential for safety, such as the Emergency Core Cooling System. A one-of-a-kind solution, the NGAT continuously monitors the accumulation of fluids and automatically removes them before they can enter the key reactor piping.

This system eliminates the need for periodic venting and ultrasonic testing inspections, which can increase cost and impair operational efficiency. Winner of a Nuclear Energy Institute Vendor Top Industry Practice award, the simply designed device can be easily installed in existing plants.

“Becoming the exclusive worldwide distributor of this innovative technology reinforces our leadership in nuclear plant safety-related systems,” said Philippe Samama, AREVA’s Installed Base Business Division executive vice president. “As part of AREVA’s Safety Alliance program*, this solution provides utilities with an increasing level of safety in their nuclear reactor operations.”

* AREVA’s Safety Alliance program
offers solutions for utilities to enhance the safety of nuclear power plants through the end of operations. Within this framework, AREVA has already launched more than 150 projects in 19 countries and for 53 nuclear utilities.

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