Nuclear Safety: Delivery of Venting Systems in Japan

Press release

AREVA has recently delivered Filtered Containment Venting Systems (FCVS) to the Hamaoka 4 reactor operated by Chubu Electric Power Company.

Part of AREVA’s Safety Alliance program, the FCVS technology is designed to maintain the integrity of the reactor containment building and protect the environment by ensuring the confinement of radioactive materials in the event of a serious accident generating a rise in internal pressure.

Within the FCVS range, Chubu EPCO chose, for Hamaoka Unit 4, the FCVS PLUS technology, which offers three stages of filters. This device has met the requirements of the majority of safety authorities around the world. As part of the current review underway by the Japanese safety authority, this device is also expected to meet their requirements.

AREVA provided the FCVS technology and internal system components. This project was successfully conducted in close cooperation with Toshiba, which played a vital role as the Tire-1 contractor and for licensing support. Toshiba supplied the filtered vessel, manufactured at the company’s Keihin Works facility, and system and piping engineering services for the onsite implementation.

The Hamaoka plant was shut down in May 2011 after the Fukushima accident. Chubu Electric Power Company has applied for regulatory approval to restart to the Japanese nuclear safety authority.

“AREVA is proud to support Chubu EPCO to enhance the safety of its nuclear power plants. This is the fourteenth contract for FCVS in Japan, for both boiling and pressurized water reactors, consolidating our position as a leader for this technology,” said Philippe Samama, Senior Executive Vice President AREVA’s Reactors & Services Business Group.